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Event Recap: Umeshu Experience with Sakenet Australia

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With events few and far due to covid, we were naturally excited to attend the umeshu experience by Sakenet Australia, a family owned company specialising in boutique Japanese products. For those unfamiliar with their events, they always over deliver on value for money and high quality sake. We … Read More

Event Recap: ‘Bounties of Nature’ Oita Foods and Sake Promotional Event

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Sake News was honoured to be selected to work alongside Oita Prefecture to showcase some of their outstanding sake, wagyu beef and regional specialties in Sydney NSW. Oita Prefecture is located on the east coast of Kyushu (Japans 3rd largest island) and is known as Japans #1 hot spring prefectur… Read More

1 Oct – World Sake Day Special Sales – Australia wide

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October 1st is World Sake Day and marks the traditional start of the Japanese Sake brewing season. To help celebrate, Aussie sake sellers are having a special sale to help you get the best sake for the new season. Black Market Sake, A specialist importer of boutique, small batch sake with a stro… Read More

Fundraising – Support Our Favourite Sake Maker Benten-musume

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Support A Sake Maker - Sakenet Australia Covid has hit us all particularly hard and it's no secret that small, artisanal producers around the world are doing it tough. While the situation has been bleak for many, a silver lining has been the people rallying together to support those who need … Read More

Local Saké store guide in Australia 2024

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(updated on 22/12/2023) Whilst online shopping has meant we have access to more saké than ever before; there is always a place for our local stores, from expert guidance to having a physical range we can see and touch to help us decide which saké is right for the occasion. It is also incredi… Read More

Online Saké shop guide in Australia 2024

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(updated on 22/12/2023) With every Australian saké event currently cancelled and local businesses desperately needing support to survive this tough situation, we have been thinking about how we can help both our community and the small Australian businesses which make saké in Australia possible. … Read More

Event Recap: Sake Matsuri Sydney 2019

News Avatar photo Daniel Zar

Sydney’s biggest saké festival was back with this year’s event being one the best yet. Sydney’s Sake Matsuri 2019 featured more Toji and brewery workers than ever before with representatives flying in, as well as our favourite local Aussie distributors discussing the incredible taste, texture and u… Read More

Event Recap: Art of Sake 2019

News Avatar photo Daniel Zar

"Kampai! For The Love Of Sake" is one of the most iconic films about saké; (one that should be on everyone’s to watch list) It stars 3 iconic educators and brewers who speak about their saké journey and what made them fall in love with Japans national drink. Saké News was invited to a special sc… Read More

Event Recap: Discover Gifu Sake 2019 in Sydney – Trade show

News Avatar photo Daniel Zar

We at Sake News were honoured to support for 5 incredible saké kuras (breweries) as they visited Sydney to showcase their saké and teach us more about Gifu Prefectures unique produce. Gifu Prefecture, is a landlocked area in central Japan which is fast becoming the destination of choice for many… Read More

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