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Covid has hit us all particularly hard and it’s no secret that small, artisanal producers around the world are doing it tough. While the situation has been bleak for many, a silver lining has been the people rallying together to support those who need it however they can, with this in mind Sakenet has come up with a stellar concept to help one of Japan’s smaller breweries.

Sakenet -an independent, family owned company who while certainly not immune from the current situation, has chosen to try and bring something completely unique to Australia’s shores. They’ve chosen to support a small family owned and operated brewery who has been working with Sakenet from the companies very beginning, and is among the smallest Japanese sake producers (operating only 2 sake tanks), by raising funds for an Australian exclusive release of an entire batch of sake.

Benten-musume uses all locally grown rice and has just 6 employees (4 of which are family members), despite such a small team they produce an exceptionally versatile sake which is were the genius of Sakenet’s plan come in, while the standard junmai sake from Benten-musume is umami rich, with a richer flavour profile that warms beautifully (overall just an excellent sake), Sakenet proposes to have the batch on offer bottled at different stages -from arabashiri (the first 1/3 of a pressing) to an undiluted, unpasteurised nama-genshu; this will mean that we will get to try how the exact same sake changes in flavour by simply applying a different technique or resting age. As far as we know Australia has never received anything like this.

For any sake fans out there, this presents a not to be missed opportunity to experience the versatility of sake, we cannot stress enough how incredible it would be to see a sake, from the same batch bottled at so many different stages, showing so many variations of flavour and more so to our knowledge, this is the only program attempting to do this for Australia.

As a final note, our personal recommendation is the “Mixed Items Deal”, here you can personalise your own selection of items from each stage or bottling as well as your preferred bottle size which will allow you to experience every offering (Sakenet has also made sake as small as 180ml (starting as low $16) available which would make for excellent gifts or easy sippers).

We cannot wait for this wonderful project to be completed (we really really want to drink these) and more so wish the many struggling producers the best of luck during this tough period.


How to support? Please visit the project page from here.


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