11-19 May – Sydney – Katsuyama Kuramoto Tour

Event Information

Area sydney
Date May 11, 2023 - May 19, 2023

*This event has finished.

PricePlease contact each restaurant for details
VenueSeveral venues
Phone0414 996 094
OrganiserSake Connect, Nippon Food Distributors

The first ever Australian Katsuyama Sake Producer tour for this small batch, internationally focused, multi-award winning sake brewery from Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.

In association with several of Australia’s premium sake focused restaurants there will be unique dinner events to enjoy this luxury sake range and engage with and get to know the producers.

Katsuyama Sake Brewery was established in Miyagi prefecture in 1688 to make sake for the feudal lords of the Sendai Domain. Over the last 335 years the brewery has been able to ‘develop new ideas by studying the past’.

Katsuyama is striving to brew for the next generation the best tasting Junmai sake possible, making the most of the umami flavours from rice and using the soft waters from nearby Mt Izumigatake.

The 12th generation Katsuyama Kuramoto /CEO Heizo Isawa comes to Australia to meet sake lovers and loyal customers, sommeliers, and chefs and to understand the rapidly developing and exciting sake scene in Australia. He’s fluent in English and keen to share his love for sake and his family’s business.

Katsuyama Restaurant Dinner Events

Thursday, 11 May at Chaco Bar
Friday, 12 May at Kuon Omakase
Friday, 19 May at Besuto Sydney

Please contact each restaurant for detailed Katsuyama event information and reservations through their restaurant booking websites.

Katsuyama Major Awards

  • 2019 IWC Champion Sake KEN
  • 2019 Prix Du President, Best Overall Sake , Kuramaster France DEN
  • 2015 /2016 National Sake Competition First Place (Junmai Ginjo)
  • 2022 Inaugural Australian Sake Awards Platinum / Gold / People’s Choice Awards



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