Immerse Yourself in the Enchanting World of Kobe Sake Cocktails at Abode Bistro Bar in Sydney

Event Information

Area sydney
Date Jan 16, 2024 - Jan 21, 2024

*This event has finished.

VenueAbode Bistro Bar, 150 Day St, Sydney NSW 2000
OrganiserKobe City Government, JAMS.TV Pty Ltd, Abode Bistro Bar

Indulge in an extraordinary experience as Abode Bistro Bar proudly presents a limited-time event featuring an exquisite selection of cocktails crafted with the legendary Kobe Hakutsuru sake. From Tuesday, January 16th to Sunday, January 21st, 2024,  the skilled bartenders will showcase their creativity and expertise as they bring to life an exclusive menu of Kobe Hakutsuru sake cocktails that are set to redefine your drinking experience.

About Abode Bistro Bar

Awarded an Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hat for 2022, Abode Bistro Bar is a dining sanctuary just minutes from Darling Harbour. It offers diners and hotel guests a stylish and contemporary menu that revolves around modern Australian cuisine with a focus on fresh flavours and locally sourced produce. On offer is a drinks menu that’s sure to quench your thirst with a range of boutique wines, craft beer and signature cocktails.

Special Hakutsuru Cocktails on Offer

Kobe Minato Sky

Hakutsuru “Junmai Ginjo” Sake 1 oz
Blue Curacao 1 oz
Simple syrup 1 oz
Lime Juice ¾ oz
Garnish – Blueberry & Dehydrated lime

Brand: Hakutsuru “Junmai Ginjo” Sake

This Ginjo features soft strawberry and grass notes, starting mildly dry and ending with fruitiness. A great choice for both beginners seeking a light, subtly sweet sake and seasoned sake enthusiasts appreciating its balanced acidity. As it warms in your mouth, hints of ripe fruit and a pleasing dryness emerge, perfect for food pairings.

Lychee Blossom in Kobe

Hakutsuru “Sayuri Nigori” Jumnai Sake 2 oz
Lychee Liqueur 1 1/2 oz
Simple Syrup 3/4 oz
Lime Juice 3/4 oz
Garnish – Mixed berry smoke

Brand: Hakutsuru “Sayuri Nigori” Junmai Sake

“Sayuri” is a coarsely filtered sake in an inviting pink bottle. Its creamy taste matches its texture, enhanced by a fruity, light strawberry aroma that lifts the spirits. If you enjoy lighter brews, don’t miss trying this one.

About Hakutsuru Brewery

Established in 1743 in Kobe, Hakutsuru Brewery is a highly respected sake producer known for its adherence to traditional brewing methods. By using locally-sourced rice, pure mountain water, and specialised yeast strains, they meticulously create a wide variety of sakes, ranging from junmai to daiginjo. Their precise attention to detail, well-balanced flavours, and unwavering dedication to excellence have earned them numerous awards and a revered standing among sake enthusiasts worldwide.

Kobe as the Premier Sake Destination

Kobe benefits from the pristine water sourced from the Rokko Mountains, providing the perfect foundation for sake production. With a rich brewing heritage and a commitment to craftsmanship, Kobe’s sake breweries have honed their skills over generations, blending traditional methods with innovative techniques to create exceptional sake that embodies a harmonious balance of flavours. Located in the west of Kobe and Nishinomiya is Nada-Gogo, one of Japan’s best brewing areas with more than seven centuries of history.  Kobe’s dedication to quality, vibrant sake culture, and appreciation for the art of sake further solidify its fame, attracting enthusiasts and connoisseurs from around the world to indulge in the refined and exquisite offerings of this esteemed sake-producing region.

About Kobe

Situated between mountains and the sparkling sea, Kobe offers stunning views and a picturesque setting. With a rich history, including historic foreign settlements, and iconic landmarks like the Kobe Port Tower, the city is a treasure trove of cultural significance. Visitors can indulge in the world-renowned Kobe beef, explore vibrant shopping streets, and experience warm hospitality. From relaxing in hot springs in Arima to enjoying panoramic views from Mount Rokko, Kobe offers an abundance of unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

Kobe Attractions

Kobe Harborland

Kobe Harborland is a vibrant waterfront district in Kobe, offering a dynamic fusion of entertainment, shopping, and dining. With a stunning harbour view, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks along the scenic promenade adorned with trendy shops and boutiques. The district boasts a diverse culinary scene, from local delicacies to international cuisines. Kobe Harborland’s lively atmosphere and charming ambiance make it a captivating destination for both locals and tourists seeking a memorable experience in Kobe.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Museum

The Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Museum is a unique venue that showcases the historical sake brewing processes and techniques passed down through generations of artisans. Originally a functioning brewhouse, it now offers visitors an opportunity to explore the traditional methods of sake production. From the tools and implements used in the past to detailed explanations of each stage of the brewing process, the museum provides an immersive experience that sheds light on the rich history and craftsmanship behind sake-making.

Arima Onsen

Nestled in the mountains near Kobe, Japan, Arima Onsen is a captivating hot spring retreat renowned for its therapeutic waters and serene atmosphere. With a history dating back over a thousand years, Arima Onsen is one of the oldest and most esteemed hot spring destinations in the country. Its natural springs offer two distinct types of mineral-rich waters, known as “gold” and “silver,” revered for their healing properties. Visitors can relax in traditional Japanese ryokans, stroll through charming streets lined with shops and teahouses, and explore nearby attractions like the scenic Mount Rokko.

Kobe Beef

Hailing from Japan’s Tajima strain of Black cattle, this premium beef boasts unparalleled tenderness, abundant marbling, and a flavour that delights the palate. Coveted worldwide for its exceptional quality, Kobe beef is the result of meticulous raising methods, including a carefully crafted diet and attentive care. The meat is tender, with a buttery texture and rich taste, making it a sought-after delicacy among discerning food lovers and connoisseurs.


Visit the official website for more information to immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of the city.



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